Archipelago is a component-based framework designed to exploit composability and reuse in an environment of maximised concurrency and scalability. Archipelago components directly encapsulate business process and demote the side issues that traditionally distract and preoccupy developers.

The approach taken by Archipelago has already demonstrated strong productivity increases and reductions in development time and resourcing.

Archipelago enables high performance stream based processing solutions to be defined declaratively from an ever-evolving catalogue of components and functional groups of components (reactors). Our component catalogue consists of general-purpose components produced by EileanTech and proprietary components developed by and for our clients.

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EileanTech is a technology company dedicated to providing elegant high performance software, services and systems. We realised that a number of recent technologies and methodologies had converged to provide huge potential for rapidly building robust, expressive, scalable systems. We want to exploit this change in the development landscape to empower our clients when creating, expanding or renovating their systems and IT products.

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