How do we build our systems?

We accumulate our knowledge in Archipelago, our proprietary framework; every useful function, component, algorithm, strategy and subsystem we create is considered for addition to our catalogue and capabilities.

We aim to maximize reuse, using the building blocks we already have, creating new elements as needed then prototyping, profiling, testing and refining repeatedly each composite structure. We keep things lean and focus on the intended use-cases, not potential use-cases. Composition improves with simplicity.

Elements of functionality specific to individual clients are exclusively used in only that particular client's projects past, present and future. We carefully guard your intellectual property and regard non-disclosure as an implicit part of our business.

We are open to excluding Archipelago from your projects but are obliged to assert that this will affect our productivity and time-lines. In general we are realistic and pragmatic about legacy, strategy and architecture.

We will voice concerns if the technology choices you mandate are outside our areas of expertise or if they are choices which we feel unable to accept.

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EileanTech LTD
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EileanTech is a technology company dedicated to providing elegant high performance software, services and systems.

We realised that a number of recent technologies and methodologies had converged to provide huge potential for rapidly building robust, expressive, scalable systems. We want to exploit this change in the development landscape to empower our clients when creating, expanding or renovating their systems and IT products.

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