How does EileanTech's Delegated Service operate?

Our full development service is offered on a fixed price basis. Clients determine the scale, scope and deliverables of a unit of work which we then consider. Each unit of work is separate and there is no obligation on the client to place further units of work with us on completion, however clients who have recently worked with us and further require our services take priority.

Initially we have open and realistic discussions about the work you want us to perform, at this stage we expect you to easily conclude whether we can help you; we don't over sell ourselves and don't apply pressure.

If both parties are comfortable to continue, we will dig deeper into your requirements and try to establish whether our interpretation matches your expectation. If agreement is reached about what is required, we will quickly respond with our estimates and a formal specification based on the dialogue to date. If you are happy with our estimates and specification we will discuss suitable timings for the work and it's breakdown into acceptable units of work.

Please contact us to discuss any aspects of our process in greater detail.

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EileanTech is a technology company dedicated to providing elegant high performance software, services and systems.

We realised that a number of recent technologies and methodologies had converged to provide huge potential for rapidly building robust, expressive, scalable systems. We want to exploit this change in the development landscape to empower our clients when creating, expanding or renovating their systems and IT products.

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