What does EileanTech do?

EileanTech is not a consultancy, we are also not a software house, we simply develop tailor-made systems and services to your requirement in our own way or as individual contractors directed by the client.

Contracted Service
We can operate as individually contracted headcount in the industry standard way, operating through our limited company and directed by the client, either at the client's site or remotely. Our rates reflect our location, we can offer discounts on our daily rates if we operate from our company offices.

Delegated Development Service
 With our delegated development service we take full advantage of our internally developed frameworks, tools and processes to accelerate development.

Our ability to deliver at an unexpected rate depends on not becoming part of the client's organization and process. This is not something to be offended by, we just don't find the traditional meeting centric approach useful and communicate and coordinate in a much more fluid way. Of course we will communicate with you and you can expect frequent and regular good news.

We don't take on too much work and won't juggle clients, we are however fairly elastic in our capabilities and engage very high quality resources, both generalists and specialists all of whom are known to us, as required.

Our bias is toward medium to high performance, scalable systems written in Scala and its associated frameworks, tool-kits and libraries and Java (preferably Java 8 or above). We favour component based architectures, interface standards, streaming, pervasive immutability and concurrency. We also really like Spark and anticipate it's growth with enthusiasm. We have decades worth of exposure to Finance but are happy to consider less familiar domains with similar qualities and challenges in terms of scale and performance.

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EileanTech LTD
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Discover EileanTech

EileanTech is a technology company dedicated to providing elegant high performance software, services and systems.

We realised that a number of recent technologies and methodologies had converged to provide huge potential for rapidly building robust, expressive, scalable systems. We want to exploit this change in the development landscape to empower our clients when creating, expanding or renovating their systems and IT products.

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