What EileanTech doesn't do?

We don't take on too much work at a time, we have finite resources and are realistic about what can be achieved. We prefer to have fewer satisfied customers than more customers on a long order book.

We don't stall and wait for our clients to direct us. We like to progress on as many fronts as we can and you can be sure you will hear from us if something is preventing from doing so.

We don't keep adding to the remit and expanding timescales. We make every effort to honour the scope and deadlines we agree with you.

We don't do convenient fiction, we tell the truth as soon as we are aware of it. If something is either not working or not possible, we will flag it up promptly.

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EileanTech LTD
75 Hamilton Drive
Glasgow, G12 8DH


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EileanTech is a technology company dedicated to providing elegant high performance software, services and systems.

We realised that a number of recent technologies and methodologies had converged to provide huge potential for rapidly building robust, expressive, scalable systems. We want to exploit this change in the development landscape to empower our clients when creating, expanding or renovating their systems and IT products.

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